The Future Runs on Intuition

July 16, 2024  |  17:00 – 18:30 CET

The second session of our 4-part series on “Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence” dives into the dynamic interplay between artificial intelligence and human intuition.

Our guest is Rimma Boshernitsan who will share with us her perspective on this topic which lies at the very core of the current debate about the impact of AI on the future of humanity.

If we want to utilize our evolving relationship with technology well, the development of our innate human abilities is key. How do we do that best when we are programmed to produce bigger, faster, better? How do we balance the need for efficiency and the delicate preservation of our human sensibilities? And even more fundamentally: How does the essence of the human condition contribute to our abilities for a hybrid relationship with AI? How can intuition, when paired with data-driven insights, create a more complete approach to solving problems?

Big questions, indeed!  Look forward to a session that will challenge us to think about the future possibilities of AI and explore imaginative, forward-thinking approaches.

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About Rimma Boshernitsan

Rimma is the CEO of DIALOGUE, an interdisciplinary strategic advisory and think tank that helps leaders and companies find the shortest, clearest path to their most ambitious goals. She also serves as a Fellow at the Center for the Future of Organizations at the Drucker School of Management (CFFO).

Over her 20-year career, she has served as a strategic advisor and thought partner to CEOs of emerging businesses and Fortune 500 organizations (including Google, Apple, Levi’s, Kaiser Permanente, Tata) focusing on catalyzing cross-sector, human connected transformation and intelligent innovation. Her writing has appeared in Fast Company, TechCrunch, Inc and Forbes. She is also an advisor to Stanford’s Women in Design Program.

She took a brief hiatus from the business world to advise contemporary art collectors. Working closely with artists allowed her to observe interdisciplinary conversations that would emerge as “innovation” in business 10 years later. This shift sparked the realization that bringing unique cultural and political insights into a corporate setting could have a transformative impact, leading her to found DIALOGUE.

Rimma began her career at Deloitte Consulting’s Human Capital practice, where she focused on M&A and large-scale transformation, before providing in-house industry advisory in fields including healthcare, consumer business, and telecommunications.